Everything you always wanted to know about SHER

What is SHER?

A decentralized live streaming audio platform. 🎤

How much it cost?

SHER is free to use. 🎉

Can I make money using SHER?

Listeners can support artists, and in fact we encourage to do so! Creators can add links to their own support pages (this is going through external services at the moment).

What is the target user for SHER?

Anyone (18+ or 13+ with the permission of a parent) who is willing to share a story with some frequency.
Our first target group are journalists. SHER combines an easy-to-use platform with a powerful decentralized distribution engine.

Is SHER recording my shows?

Nope. We designed SHER with a high privacy mindset from the scratch.
This means creators own their audience network. The communication is happening between peers.

Is there any user profile? Do I have an user? Why there is no login?

There is no login, and there is an extremely lightweight notion of a profile. Actually, it only consists of your username by now. SHER uses primarily your device and browser as a means to distinguish streams and create this notion of profile by using public and private keys. It means, that if you move to a different computer you will be creating a new pair of keys and this new lightweight "identity". In the future we will add some mechanisms to make migrations between computers way easier.

What are the roles?

Traditional streaming platforms puts the streamer right at the front. A solo show is the norm. This is OK but puts all the pressure on the streamer. We can share efforts and this can led to better shows.

By design, SHER makes it easy to decouple show control tasks to a different user. Enter "the operator".

The other roles are well known, streamers and listeners.

Do you have a native app?

Nope. SHER is a web platform. 🌐